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Sign Permits by NYC Licensed Sign Hanger

Every company in NYC would be better off if they had a sign outside that helped bring in new customers. However, before you can hope to benefit from this kind of marketing asset, you’re going to need the proper permits. Installing a sign without the necessary permits could put you at risk for fines that may take away any of the value of your sign display.

Fortunately, Sign Repair NY doesn’t just design, create, install, repair, and maintain signs. Our expertise also extends to what permits you need to have a sign and not run into any legal problems.

Sign Permit Services in NYC

For an advertising sign like a billboard, zoning laws must be consulted first. Usually, you need a PW2 permit. The laws are different across every district, though. In some, they’re not even allowed. If you were to accidentally violate one of these laws, you’d most likely have to pay a fine of at least $5,000 for each infringement.

Any storefront sign that’s more than six square feet must first be approved by NYC’s Department of Business. Then, before it can be installed, a sign permit (by NYC licensed sign hanger) must be issued. In some districts, even signs smaller than six feet require a permit prior to installation. Lighted signs also require additional permits, whether they’re an advertising or storefront version.

The entire processes involved in receiving a permit for any of these signs can be a bit complicated. That is why many people seek out professional help from Sign Repair NY – an expert in recognizing and understanding sign permit and sign installation needs.

Why Sign Repair NY for Sign Permits?

At Sign Repair NY, we’ve been helping local businesses get the signs they need for years. This experience has given us valuable insights into the regulations that must be closely followed from the beginning of the design process. We would be happy to talk you through local laws regarding sign permits, and make sure that you have a sign that won’t put you at risk for fines, and is going to help market your property.

Full-Service Sign Installation in NYC

Once you have your permits, Sign Repair NYC can finish the entire process from creation to installation. We pride ourselves on speedy turnaround times when it comes to getting our customers their custom signs because we know how important they are.

If you need help understanding which permits are necessary for the sign you have planned for your business, give us a call at 718-476-1900. We can walk you through the entire process of applying for the relevant permits or we can even take care of it for you as part of our installation package.

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